”Have you ever laid on your bed at night, and just cried? Cried because you’re ugly. Because you’re not good enough. You counted all your flaws from head to toe, to punish and feel worse about yourself. You don’t want to be a burden, so you bottled it all up. Around people, you’re the happiest ray of sun shine. But nobody knows, that at night when you’re alone, you break down and just cry.”

Okay, all bad and stuff… but have you ever stayed awake for over 3 days because you can’t sleep, you can’t cry and you can’t feel? You want to die, you want to hurt yourself but you can’t pinpoint a reason. That’s the worse thing of all, not knowing why its so bad, but it is. Maybe if you could identify the problem it would be so much easier, but no.. you just question your own existence, ‘whats the point?’ You hurt yourself and you do stupid things just not because you think you deserve it, no, you fucking enjoy it. If you find yourself unattractive, its not the end of the world, bullying makes things worse obviously but you didn’t choose the way you look, half the time people act like they had to choose an ugly body from a fucking selection or something. Ugliness on the inside is a lot worse in my opinion, not seeing life or the world in a brighter light even if you have everything you could ever want. Wondering why you can’t just be happy for longer than a day.

You learn to deal with your own and other people’s judgement. That doesn’t even hurt anymore. What hurts is the confusion. Why do we still want to die when we have all we need?

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A thought to share: “When you want to control your temper, be like a whistling kettle. Just sing when you’re boiling.”

Sorry, but I’ve moved on. As much as you may say you miss me and how many hearts you may send my way, I won’t say it back. I knew what I wanted and you didn’tso I was going to wait around for someone who kept playing musical chairs with girls. Sorry that you missed out but you notice that now

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“hoo, eh kamusta, masakit pa rin ba?

and I was like:


it leads me back heartache ill never understand.

it leads me back heartache ill never understand.

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